Learning Center


Question Paper Generation

The video demonstrates how to generate Automated Question Paper for any class in less than a minute using Education Plus School Management Application.

Teacher Substitution

"Allocation of Teachers in place of Absent teachers" made easy through Education Plus. Just watch how to allocate alternate teachers in matters of minutes.

SMS Alerts to Parents & Teachers

Just three clicks to send SMS to entire school community on all urgent matters. Same simple solution available for sending Mail messages as well.

Adding New Staff & Managing Them

Simple directions on how to add new staff and also edit existing staff details through the Administrator Role. Related documents too can be stored for all the staff for future use.

Adding New Student & Managing Them

Simple directions on how to add new studens and also edit existing student details through the Administrator Role. Related documents too can be stored for all the students for future use.

Reports and Analytics

The video demonstrates Reports, Performance Analysis and Details of Students and Staffs. Over 250 reports to chose from in the Admin section alone. Plenty of other reports under FINANCE ROLEs / TEACHER s role and LIBRARIAN roles.

School Fee Management

Simplest and most accurate way of managing inflows for every school. Generate thousands of Invoices in matter of minutes, make invoice available on Parent portal, send reminder SMS for fees and view over 20 different Fee related reports.

School Website Management

Education Plus enables schools to directly draw information and project it on their website like, Alerts / Critical information ( through a running scroll ), News and Events, Daily quotes, Birthday alerts, etc.

School Calendar Scheduling

Education Plus enables schools to schedule the entire calendar at single location and it is automatically shared with every individual within the school community.

Library Management

Complete Paperless Management of Library operation at any school or institute. Comes with auto-fill of book details based on ISBN codes. Provision to have different book issue norms for staff & students, category wise.

School Curriculum

Education Plus enables schools to record the entire curriculum in advance and have it shared with students / parents and the associated teachers for respective subjects.

Rollover Management

The Rollover Process comprises the following.
A. Transfer of master data ( Academic ), B. Promotion of students to new class/section, C. Addition of all New admission done till date.

Lesson Management Tracker

Education Plus provides teachers with an easy tool on how to track their daily lesson planning. Comes with international format, the table enables teachers not only to jot down the daily lesson planning activities.

Syllabus, Lesson Planning & DAR

How to Plan, Organize and Manage Staff Academic Activities with 4 steps.
1. Curriculum and Syllabus master, 2. Lesson Planner , 3. Weekly Planner, 4. Daily Activity Report.

Report Card for Every Class

Generating customized report card cannot be simpler. Step by step approach to simple but elegant and colourful Progress Reports through Education Plus... adding to the Greener Environment!

Payroll Management

Payroll Management has 3 sections.
A.Setting Payroll Masters ( salary components, staff banking details, etc), B. Setting Staff Salary Details, C.Computing Monthly Salary.