School Management Features



Education Plus is the most comprehensive School Management you can look for. It encompasses all aspects of School Management - be it Student or Staff or Parents – this one application covers all gamut of school operation, starting from Student Intake till the time Student leaves the school.

We understand the schools having the problem of dealing with multiple applications – Education Plus ensures that you can now do away with all these issues and start relying on a single-window for taking care of operations and also managing reports easily. .


Education Plus makes it most convenient for the school to be in touch with every other member of its family – be it staff, students or their parents. No more wastage of paper. Communicate easily and in effective manner in the electronic era. There is no need for an email as well. Education Plus works like an intranet with every individual getting access to their internal communication right at the time of loggin in.

So be it communication related to upcoming school event, or requesting for meeting with parents, or be it sharing of homework… all done in a click of a button with no chance of anyone saying “I did not get it!”

Modular Approach

The application has been designed in a Modular Approach helping the schools to adopt to all the features of the ERP solution at their own pace, addressing critical needs first and then moving to other modules at their convenience.

Integrated Financial Module

No need for any 3rd party software to manage your expenses. Specially designed for schools, now full control right upto P&L and Balance Sheet as per Indian laws.

The application ensures every aspect of accounting covered. It also takes into account critical issues like Asset Management, Salary Accounting, Transport Cost Management, Bank Reconciliation, etc which form major part of any school accounting requirement. Tax related details for individual staff members or for the suppliers can be taken from the accounting module itself.

User Friendly Interface

Education Plus has been designed keeping “Students” and “Teachers” in mind. The interface is very easy to understand and navigate. It addresses the teacher’s daily requirement and makes is very useful for Students to refer to every day.

The User Interface for every user is different and relevant to his or her role.User Interface of Students has communication messages, homework / assignments, calendar activities, etc upfront on their screen.

Secure and Reliable

Education Plus is the safest and most secure application on the cloud. Situated in Tier IV environment, it shares the server platforms with India’s leading banks and Financial sector operating companies. Besides security, Education Plus is also the most secure application when it comes to Data Protection.

Education Plus guarantees triple data protection. It has a 1+1 active server for every school. What it means is that even if one server goes down, the next one immediately takes over. In addition to the same, every night, hard-disk backup is taken to protect the data in case of any failure of both the servers.

Online Fee Payment

Education Plus provides with easy facility of integrating your FEE ACCOUNTING with Payment Gateways making it very convenient for parents to pay their fees in the comfort of their homes. Fees details are readily available on Parents Login enabling them to make instant payments online.

Biometric Attendance

Education Plus provides Automated Attendance of staff and students through the convenience of Biometric or Swipe Card access devices. Innovasphere also provides ID cards alongwith access devices to schools besides integrating the entire process for a smooth and easy automated attendance. The management is left with the job of only monitoring the attendance

Salary Accounting

Education Plus has a comprehensive Salary Accounting solution enabling accountants to take care of payroll with ease. It can account for the multiple layers of management and also provides withh ready reports for Bank transfers, ESI and PF remittances in time.

Cost Effective

Education Plus is the most economical solution to operate and manage any school. By virtue being on cloud, it eliminates the need for any additional hardware or software for managing the operation. All is required is a decent broadband connectivity to get started.

Education Plus is also accessible by any handheld devices. Which makes it the most versatile tool as well. If the teachers are provided with Tablets, they can directly work on the tab to access information, take attendance and share assignments/ homework on the spot, eliminating the need for additional work later on.

School Website Control

Control the critical content on website, including photos right from this application itself. Be it “alert scrolls” or program events, all actions instantly conveyed to public website.

Education Plus ensures that school can upload instant “alerts” on their website right from the comfort of the offices or homes itself. Just log on and update the website with latest happening in and around the school. With increasing scrutiny by parents, such proactive steps help schools remain one step ahead on the parents expectations.

Mobile Version for Staff

Special Mobile version for Staff members to access all the critical information on-the-go. Teachers can now access thier Timetable and Lesson Plan just before entering the schools and plan their schedule accordingly.

CBSE Evaluation Standards

Education Plus follows the latest CCE Module of CBSE. It encompasses the latest Scholastic and Non-Scholastic Evaluation. It also comes with a convenient list of comments regarding the progress of the candidate. The teachers just have to pick any of the standard comments which is also related to the equivalent grade the student earns.

The grading of scholastic subject is automated in terms of conversion from marks. The scores are automatically added up and converted to relevant grades.

Barcodes for Asset Mapping & Tracking

All schools carry huge amount of movable assets in the form of Furniture, Projection items, Computers, Lab equipments and of course, Library books. EDUCATION PLUS Barcode system enables proper and easy tracking items, right from the time of procurement till the time of disposal.

Innovasphere also offers the service of providing Printed Barcodes and Barcode scanners for schools. While the application has in-built software for barcode printing, schools may outsource the procurement of barcodes in case they do not want to invest in separate barcode printers.

Student Id Cards

EDUCATION PLUS has easy downloadable ready-to-use data templates which enables school to download specific output for ID card printing. INNOVASPHERE also offers Printed ID card service for schools at economical rates. The cards can be either on regular mode or RFID based cards which enables automated attendance tracking as well.

Biometric Attendance

INNOVASPHERE offers tracking of attendance through advanced Biometric and RFID attendance machines integrated with the application. The same system can also be used at different locations viz. Library for book issuance, Canteen for tracking and transaction and also for Access control at labs, if required. For further details, please contact representative of Innovasphere.