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  • The leading ERP solution on the cloud in the world.
  • Over 26 different modules covering all aspects of school operation.
  • Modular and highly communicative solution.
  • Easy to use – even a 1st standard student can operate it easily.
  • Available on monthly license fee model for schools.


  • Most powerful ERP solution to manage College/University/Academy operations.
  • Operates on multiple platforms simultaneoulsy - Laptop/ Mobiles/Desktops/Notepads.
  • Very versatile and extremely robust application meant for all kind of user base.
  • Independent user panels for different users.
  • Extremely robust financial platform with multiple level approval systems.


  • Ideal platform for Learning and Sharing information.
  • Suitable for sharing both Free and Paid content.
  • Automatic linkage to payment gateway.
  • Course completion through multiple option validations.
  • Automated online-course completion/competence certification.


  • Your personal document storage on the cloud!.
  • Retain your documents on your “private space” with highest safety and security.
  • Retrieve, share or print your documents with ease.
  • Directly upload critical documents or photos to your account from your mobile/tablet.
  • Just Rs. 499 for a year!.


  • Scan, store and retrieve your documents seamlessly with ease.
  • Tier IV architecture for storage ensuring highest safety and security for your documents.
  • Over 25 different features related to DMS.
  • Completely customizable solution for every company.
  • Also available on “own server perpetual license basis. Basic product on SaaS model.


  • Create your own E-shoppe on the cloud.
  • Easy to use and manage ecommerce engine.
  • Very versatile and extremely robust application meant for all kind of user base.
  • Completely customizable solution on front end – different shop design for every customer!
  • Also offer end-to-end management of logistics as well.


  • CRM with a difference – complete focus on retention of existing base.
  • High degree of automation of communication to existing base.
  • Operates communication through SMS and Email.
  • All SMS sent through company’s own SHORT CODE rather than number based.
  • Product marketed on SaaS model.