Production / Manufacturing related ERP Solutions

Our dedicated team of business professionals, technical experts, and domain specialists offer ERP solutions customized for the manufacturing industry. We focus on a client-centered approach to provide affordable, high-quality manufacturing ERP systems.

We provide solutions in the area of –

  • Lead Generation to Automated RFQ Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production Process Flow
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Lead Generation to Automated RFQ Solutions

Innovasphere Infotech has been assisting leading manufacturers improve their process efficiency through Process controlled CRM & ERP solutions that encompass multiple departments and complex process flows.

Today most companies are focussing on 100% follow up on leads while keeping their eye on minimum returns on every such enquiry that converts into orders. Companies that undertake complex assignments have very tough job on ensuring accurate costing. Innovasphere has pitched in with smooth digitial workflow that spans multiple departments and ensures that the final quotes have gone through effective approval process.


Excess inventory is a burden and so is "loss of business" due to inadequate stock. Despite all JIT systems, our planning often fails due to uncertainties of business that are rarely in our control.

In such a dynamic market situation, Innovasphere has built customised Supply Chain solutions that are company specific and have controls that ensures effective control of inventory with dashboards that keeps the management clued on to the important stats necessary for their decision making.

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Midsized companies often fail in effective tracking of their work flow due to excessive manual paper work and non-integrated applications that often end up adding to the inefficiency of the overall operation. Innovasphere helps companies integrate their entire process through a seamless work flow ensuring optimal production planning and effective control of the final result so that the production head can focus their work on other important tasks than to keep matching the numbers across different applications.