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It has always been our endeavour to provide our clients with the latest technologies that helps in improving their business and operating efficiency. Our belief is that our solutions and approach should help our clients in solving their problems and not in "our clients spending time on understanding technology". Our focus on technology is based on three pillars

  • Scalability
  • Robustness
  • Interconnnectability


What is good may not be good tomorrow as we keep growing.. at the same time, companies keep wondering if we should invest in excess to prepare for tomorrow. Well, Innovasphere’s response is “do neither”.. Leave it to us.. We provide our solutions which are scalable and operational under today’s condition and with minimal or no cost, tomorrow as well. Our data base management uses dynamic resource allocation which ensures that as we grow, we are able to provide your operation higher resources as required for the business at that time.

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In today’s world where several solutions are available using “free ware” , clients do not realise that most of these applications fail to operate under stress conditions. Moreover, most such applications do not have support to expand, modify or alter to suit clients’ business conditions. We have always worked and will keep working only using established licensed platforms so that you are able to work consistently without any worry of modifications, breakdown, etc.


We understand that for any client, we may not be the exclusive IT solution provider. Clients will continue to have other IT solutions developed for some other use on other platforms. Many times, due to business requirement, clients require the two applications to talk to each other digitally rather than using manual interface of import/export of data. Our solutions have always kept this in mind ensuring that we are able to provide solutions that allow easy “portability” of data from one solution to another with minimal human interface.

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Some of the key technology platforms we work on include –